‘MIXNINE’ reveals (partial) official rankings, voting rankings, boys & girls versions of “Just Dance”

As one would expect from ‘MIXNINE‘, the rankings situation is a bit of a mess.

Not the best sign.

Anyway, here are the official rankings of the boys from #49 to #12 and the girls from #49 to #20 (determined by 50% showcase live votes & 50% judges votes), as the rest are being revealed next week (I think).

12. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
13. Kim Hong Joong (KQ Entertainment)
14. Shin Jun Seop (Music Works Entertainment)
15. Yao Ming Ming (byKING Entertainment)
16. Jin Sung Ho (Liveworks Company)
17. Moon Jae Yoon (Liveworks Company)
18. Lee Gun Min (RBW)
19. Woo Tae Woon (Million Market)
20. Lee Jae Jun (Banana Culture)
21. Ma Jae Kyung (Hunus Entertainment)
22. Park Hyun Kyu (RBW)
23. Hwang Yun Seong (Hunus Entertainment)
24. Jo Yong Geun (Happyface Entertainment)
25. Kim Hyun Jong (Hunus Entertainment)
26. Kim Han Gyeol (IME Korea)
27. Lee Seung Jun (WM Entertainment)
28. Kim Min Hak (Hunus Entertainment)
29. Yim Young Jun (ELEVEN9 Entertainment)
30. Kim Sang Jin (Music Works Entertainment)
31. Kim Dong Yoon (WYNN Entertainment)
32. Lee Chan Dong (RBW)
33. Choi Jong Ho (KQ Entertainment)
34. Shim Jae Young (WM Entertainment)
35. Park Min Kyun (WM Entertainment)
36. Kim Jun Hoe (Jungle Entertainment)
37. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
38. Lee Byoung Gon (YG Entertainment)
39. Kim Jun Kyu (YG Entertainment)
40. Baek Jin (START Entertainment)
41. Kim Young Jo (RBW)
42. Yoon Yong Bin (Banana Culture Entertainment)
43. Cho Han Kook (NH Media)
44. Shin Joong Min (FM Entertainment)
45. Kim Jin Hong (Choeun Entertainment)
46. Kim Dong Hyun (NH Media)
47. Yoon Jae Hee (Happyface Entertainment)
48. Kim Seong Yeon (IME Korea)
49. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)

20. Go Ah Ra (ASTORY Entertainment)
21. Shin Jee Won (JTG Entertainment)
22. Seo Yu Ri (JTG Entertainment)
23. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
24. Choi Ji Seon (DK Entertainment)
25. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)
26. Kim Su A (A100 Entertainment)
27. Lee Si Yeon (Happyface Entertainment)
28. Ahn Da Bee (Maroo Entertainment)
29. Ng Sze Kai (Unleash Entertainment)
30. Lee Yu Bin (Happyface Entertainment)
31. Kim Si Hyeon (Music Works Entertainment)
32. Heo Chan Mi (Mostable Music)
33. Kim Bo Won (FAVE Entertainment)
34. Kim Yoo Hyeon (Happyface Entertainment)
35. Kang Si Hyun (Star Empire Entertainment)
36. Lee Hyang Sook (SidusHQ)
37. Im So Hyeon (MAJOR9)
38. Shin Su Hyun (FAVE Entertainment)
39. Baek Min Seo (FAVE Entertainment)
40. Chon Ye Im (A100 Entertainment)
41. Hwang Woo Lim (Coridel Entertainment)
42. Jang Eun Seong (RBW)
43. Yu Jin Kyung (Brave Entertainment)
44. Park So Eun (FAVE Entertainment)
45. Shin Ji Yoon (FAVE Entertainment)
46. Lee Ye Sol (RBW)
47. Kim Chae Hyun (Maroo Entertainment)
48. Nam Yu Jin (Bace Camp Entertainment)
49. Park Ji Woo (START Entertainment)

The 49 on each side is significant because it might be the cut-off for elimination.

Seriously, nobody knows what’s going on.

As you may have noticed, none of that factors in the online votes, because we don’t know how that’ll come into play. As things currently stand, here’s the top 40 for boys and girls in that arena.

1. Woo Jin Young (Happyface Entertainment)
2. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
3. Lee Gun Min (RBW)
4. Lee Seung Jun (WM Entertainment)
5. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
6. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
7. Shim Jae Young (WM Entertainment)
8. Park Min Kyun (WM Entertainment)
9. Yuto (WM Entertainment)
10. Jo Yong Geun (Happyface Entertainment)
11. Lee Chang Yun (WM Entertainment)
12. Yao Ming Ming (byKING Entertainment)
13. Woo Tae Woon (Million Market)
14. Lee Ru Bin (Liveworks Company)
15. Park Seung Jun (YNB Entertainment)
16. Song Han Gyeom (Staro Entertainment)
17. Choi Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)
18. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)
19. Kim Hyun Soo (Happyface Entertainment)
20. Yoon Jae Hee (Happyface Entertainment)
21. Kim Young Jo (RBW)
22. Yoon Yong Bin (Banana Culture Entertainment)
23. Jeong In Seong (YNB Entertainment)
24. Oh Hee Jun (YNB Entertainment)
25. Kim Sang Won (Staro Entertainment)
26. Shin Jun Seop (Music Works Entertainment)
27. Kim Seh Yoon (Beat Interactive)
28. Lee Byoung Gon (YG Entertainment)
29. Jeong Hyun Woo (FM Entertainment)
30. Lee Jae Jun (Banana Culture)
31. Kim Dong Yoon (WYNN Entertainment)
32. Jin Sung Ho (Liveworks Company)
33. Lee Chan Dong (RBW)
34. Chae Chang Hyun (Banana Culture Entertainment)
35. Lee Jae Jun (RBW)
36. Kim Min Hak (Hunus Entertainment)
37. Kim Jun Kyu (YG Entertainment)
38. Park Hyun Kyu (RBW)
39. Kim Jin Hong (Choeun Entertainment)
40. Moon Jae Yoon (Liveworks Company)

1. Shin Ryu Jin (JYP Entertainment)
2. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
3. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
4. Kim Min Ji (Happyface Entertainment)
5. Baek Hyeon Joo (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment)
6. Kim Hyun Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
7. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
8. Choi Moon Hee (Maroo Entertainment)
9. Lee Hyang Sook (SidusHQ)
10. Heo Chan Mi (Mostable Music)
11. Ng Sze Kai (Unleash Entertainment)
12. Kim Yoo Hyeon (Happyface Entertainment)
13. Lee Soo Jin (FAVE Entertainment)
14. Lee Si Yeon (Happyface Entertainment)
15. Park Hae Lin (FAVE Entertainment)
16. Jeong Sa Ra (Bace Camp Entertainment)
17. Yukika (Mole Entertainment)
18. Kang Si Hyun (Star Empire Entertainment)
19. Go Ah Ra (ASTORY Entertainment)
20. Nam Yu Jin (Bace Camp Entertainment)
21. Park Hae Young (2ABLE Company
22. Kim Soo Hyun (Mystic Entertainment)
23. Lee Yu Bin (Happyface Entertainment)
24. Yu Jin Kyung (Brave Entertainment)
25. Watanabe Rui (New Planet Entertainment)
26. Go Jeong Hee (ASTORY Entertainment)
27. Kim Da Yun (Maroo Entertainment)
28. Kim Bo Won (FAVE Entertainment)
29. Jang Hyo Gyeong (Star Empire Entertainment)
30. Lim Jung Min (ONO Entertainment)
31. Kim Min Ju (ASTORY Entertainment)
32. Choi Yoon A (Hunus Entertainment)
33. Shin Jee Won (JTG Entertainment)
34. Hwang Ji Min (Mystic Entertainment)
35. Choi Ha Young (Polaris Entertainment)
36. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)
37. Kim Su A (A100 Entertainment)
38. Yang Hye Seon (Hunus Entertainment)
39. Kim Young Seo (RBW)
40. Shin Ji Yoon (FAVE Entertainment)

They actually list all the candidates for this, but if your fave isn’t in the top 40, shit is going badly.

Glad Dreamcatcher are doing well despite their Korean fandom boycotting the show or whatever dumb shit.


Finally, because you enjoy pain, here’s the boys and girls versions of “Just Dance“.


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