1NB’s “Where U At” MV is graphically vengeful, but standout song also deserves attention

Girl group 1NB recently made their debut with “Where U At” that came with a music video rated 19+ and at least earned it. While that’s surely what will get people’s attention, the song was a surprising gem that people should take notice of in its own right.

He dead? Oh yeah, he dead.

Being cannibalized by your girlfriend and her friends is quite the sentence for infidelity, but I get it.

As an added bonus, I found that I can apply what I just learned from the last ‘Artsy Fartsy. As soon as the woman sees the man cheating on her, 1NB’s dance scene outfits change from white to red, while the scenes with the woman crying are filtered green.

I feel like a genius, no wonder K-pop stans desperately search for this kind of shit everywhere.


Honestly, I had only wanted to make a quick post about the music video and its amazingly graphic revenge that women take on a cheating boyfriend, but the song’s quite the standout in its own right.

A concept like this needs to have a song that effectively conveys the sinister atmosphere, and this instrumental does well at creating a sense of darkness and foreboding. The guitar strumming and piano set the stage well, and eventually the piano segues into a purposeful but dramatic drum beat. Despite the lack of pace, “Where U At” manages to keep the listener engaged due to the song building effectively, eventually adding a significant string section. There’s also interesting wrinkles thrown in, like the dramatic guitar riffs, which surprisingly fit the mood well.

Furthermore, the pre-chorus section of “I’m not afraid, because I will stay, neoneun wae amuleohji anh-a wae wae waeiye” was a standout, and that comes immediately before they launch into the addictive hook of “Tonight where where where where you at“. Other than that, I was actually surprised by the lack of a rap, as this is the kind of sound that seemed primed for a hip-hop ballad. However, I’m glad they stuck to the vocals as this was cohesive as is.


“Where U At” was just an impressive all-around debut, both conceptually and musically, and the execution was surprising for rookies. Considering 1NB hail from Trivus Entertainment, which I’ve never heard of before, the girls are unlikely to get a ton of exposure for their debut. However, based on merit they definitely deserve a look or five.


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