Siyeon still resents being on ‘MIXNINE’ (happy in Brazil), has vocal parts stolen by inferiors

Siyeon hates ‘MIXNINE, it’s a fact, but now instead of just hilariously not smiling as the other contestants try to be as peppy as possible…

…she’s now openly signalling to the devil.

Compare that to how she is in Brazil today and, uh, yeah.

The show has broken her.

Well, at least one thing that was not broken was her voice. Siyeon position battle hasn’t been broadcasted on ‘MIXNINE’ yet, but they posted up individual fancams for everybody.

Supposedly her expressionless face is for the group concept, but that’s how she’s been all show long, and I’m going to imagine all she’s doing is silently judging why she’s in the group with a bunch of flops besides like one or two others.

Justice for Siyeon’s singing lines.


Bonus content time.


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