Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon wearing pants all the time on ‘MIXNINE’ & hating the show is the best

Hello, I just needed to make a post informing everybody that the best part of ‘MIXNINE‘ so far is Dreamcatcher‘s Siyeon and her utter lack of fucks given about the show.


Here is a Siyeon still form a video that’s meant to be a message to convince fans to vote for them, and as you can see she looks thrilled.

Now here she is using what little time she has been given on screen to receive the highest of compliments for her singing ability from mentor Suran as if she’s being told her family was being held hostage.

Look how thrilled!

Also, uh, while everybody is trying their best to show off their assets, Siyeon is showing up every damn where in long, baggy pants.

A hero we all deserve and an idol you should stan.


Bonus clips of shit I had that I didn’t have anywhere else to put.

Thank you.


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