‘The Unit’ male mission thoughts + top groups perform with Rain

Last week on ‘The Unit, the female contestants grouped up and performed their covers, and this week it was time for the male contestants to do the same.


Orange Team (BIG’s Gunmin, HOTSHOT’s Kim Timoteo, Boyfriend’s Donghyun, BIGSTAR’s Raehwan, 100%’s Rockhyun, MADTOWN’s Lee Geon, IMFACT’s Jeup, ACE’s Jun, Ji Hansol) – EXO – “Monster” – First Place: Boyfriend’s Donghyun – Last Place: ACE’s Jun – My Pick: IMFACT’s Jeup

Yellow Team (HOTSHOT’s Hojung, IM’s Kijoong, MAS’s Dongmyeong, BIGFLO’s Lex, HBY’s Marco, BIGSTAR’s Sunghak, MVP’s Jin, MYNAME’s Chaejin, Topp Dogg’s Hojoon) – SHINee – “Juliet” – First Place: IM’s Kijoong – Last Place: Topp Dogg’s Hojoon – My Pick: MYNAME’s Chaejin

White Team (Boys Republic’s Sungjun, Boys Republic’s Suwoong, IMFACT’s Ungjae, A.Cian’s Jungsang, BIGSTAR’s Jude, MYNAME’s JunQ, IM’s Taeeun, IMFACT’s Taeho, IM’s Hangyul) – BTS – “Fire” – First Place: Boys Republic’s Suwoong – Last Place: BIGSTAR’s Jude – My Pick: Boys Republic’s Suwoong

Green Team (MYNAME’s Gunwoo, SNUPER’s Sangil, Seongho, SNUPER’s Sebin, MYNAME’s Seyong, BIGFLO’s Euijin, BEATWIN’s Jungha, Casper, 100%’s Hyukjin) – 2PM – “Heartbeat” – First Place: MYNAME’s Seyong – Last Place: Seongho – My Pick: MYNAME’s Seyong

Red Team (MVP’s Rayoon, Boys Republic’s OneJunn, Lee Jung Ha, Lim Jun Hyeok, U-KISS’s Jun, A.Cian’s Jin.O, ACE’s Chan, MVP’s PK, MAS’s Harin) – Shinhwa – “Perfect Man” – First Place: U-KISS’s Jun – Last Place: MAS’s Harin – My Pick: Boys Republic’s OneJunn

Black Team (Top Secret’s Kyeongha, IM’s Giseok, MADTOWN’s Daewon, Topp Dogg’s B-Joo, A-JAX’s Seungjin, A-JAX’s Junghee, IMFACT’s Jian, BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, BIG’s Heedo) – SEVENTEEN – “Boom Boom” – First Place: BIGSTAR’s Feeldog – Last Place: BIG’s Heedo – My Pick: BIGSTAR’s Feeldog

Blue Team (MAS’s Kanghyun, Sejun, SNUPER’s Suhyun, MAS’s Yonghoon, Top Secret’s Junghoon, Z-UK, HBY’s Taro, Kanto, MAS’s Cya) – Block B – “HER” – First Place: Kanto – Last Place: MAS’s Cya – My Pick: MAS’s Yonghoon


Again, I already added my pick for the best performer in the group. If I had to rank the groups, it would’ve gone: “Monster”>”Perfect Man”>”Fire”>”Heartbeat”>”Boom Boom”>”Juliet”>”Her”. The “Monster” performance was impressive all around, as they just seemed most like a veteran group. The “HER” performance just failed to invoke any type of feeling, like it was mechanical and just felt unnatural.

While I basically know none of the dudes, two that have consistently stood out to me individually are IMFACT‘s Jeup and BIGSTAR‘s Feeldog.


There were no rankings shown this week, so at the end the top male and female group was announced. For the girls it was the Green Team (“You’re The Best”) and for the boys it was the Orange Team (“Monster”). Those were obviously the correct picks since they agree with my rankings.

As a reward (sorta), both teams were able to appear in Rain‘s comeback showcase during “Gang” and “Sunshine“.


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