SHINee’s Onew issues handwritten apology for sexual harassment controversy

SHINee‘s Onew issued an apology for his sexual harassment controversy from August on SHINee’s official site.

“Hello. This is Onew. I am sincerely sorry for disappointing my supportive and loving fans with the bad news. While I have been on hiatus from activities for four months, I have been reflecting deeply on how much I must have disappointed all of you fans who have loved my lacking self, and I resented and blamed myself. I worried for a long time about how to apologize and what words I should use. I felt so sorry that I was cautious even about writing anything, so I’m only finally posting this now, even though it’s so late. The more love and attention I received, the more responsibly I should have acted in my private life as well, and so I am so sorry to have caused disappointment. I want to say through this letter that I’m truly sorry to our members who have been working hard with me for over nine years, and I want to apologize once again to my parents and company staff who must have been surprised because of me. I will keep on reflecting, and always be more strict with myself and try hard. I promise that in the future, both in public and private matters, I will truly do my best to be someone worthy of the name of the team SHINee. From, Onew.”

This comes after at least parts of SHINee’s fandom threatened to boycott SM Entertainment‘s ‘2018 SM Artist Season Greetings‘ due to Onew’s inclusion. SME has denied that being the reason for the timing of the apology, but what else are they gonna say?

Despite nothing further happening in regards to the sexual harassment (and I don’t expect anything further to happen), it doesn’t seem like this is going away anytime soon. Of course, that’s understandable given that nobody has really disputed what the victim claimed happened.


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