Dreamcatcher to miss next ‘MIXNINE’ battle due to schedules, Siyeon wants to fight you

To the Dreamcatcher fans who wondered how the hell they’re in Brazil as ‘MIXNINE‘ is ongoing, well they’re actually going to miss the training camp and subsequent battle due to their schedules.

‘MIXNINE’ production were aware of the conflict and okayed the absence. While JiU, Yoohyeon, Siyeon, and Dami won’t be given a penalty for their absence, they won’t be given any points for the upcoming battle, which would appear to adversely affect their rankings going forward.



Meanwhile, in more important matters, here’s the only parts of the last ‘MIXNINE’ episode that matters.

Heart eyes, motherfucker.


Siyeon is out here thugging.


When Siyeon gets told she gets to miss a ‘MIXNINE’ filming:

When Siyeon gets told she does have to remain on the show:

Also, more Siyeon loving pants.


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