EXO stan files ‘War & Peace’ of complaints, another plans protest, SME appears to cave

An EXO stan recently filed a gigantic-ass formal complaint over alleged defamatory comments that stemmed basically from K-pop fandom fighting bullshit, while another EXO stan got a permit to stage a protest against SM Entertainment due to them supposedly not taking shitty comments seriously enough, and in the end it seems like SME did cave.


For starters, let’s tackle the ‘War & Peace‘ of formal complaints filed by an EXO stan.

It’s going tomorrow.

I only put it up on Twitter. Can you send me a PDF of the comments on other communities cursing me out?

[email protected]

When you send it, it’s easier if you include the community name, the date, the user ID, the IP address (if it appears), the nickname, and the content in a PDF file.

Thank you.

Even the ones you might think ‘This is pretty old maybe it won’t count?’ please send to me. They say it’s possible within six months and it hasn’t been that long, lol.

Overseas people have different laws so they’re asking what the law on contempt is. Up until now I’ve been open about my schedule and people know my address from events and people have seen me so it all applies. Mostly you mentioned me under my ID and other people saw me getting cursed out publicly.

Translator’s Note: And I quote, “This one is written with typos like she’s having a fucking stroke.”

You say it’s a blank packet of paper? This person [referring to the screenshot] is the very last person on my organized list. I’m taking a USB and am going to make copies, so that’s why it’s so thick. The first half is the complaint and the evidence is in the second half. I hope this clears any misunderstanding.

Screenshot: Twitter | [Blurred] | 9:53 PM | 12/2/17 | Blurred | When are you going to wake up, you blind, deaf, ridiculous, crazy bitch?

So what does this mean?

It means that in the midst of petty-ass fandom wars over K-pop bullshit, people on the Internet were shitty to each other, and since Korea has cyber defamation laws that permits suing people for just about anything deemed insulting, stans (or anybody) is allowed to waste government resources to litigate shit that was said during the midst of these fanwars (or anything).

As I always mention when these cases come up, the actual issue is that the law itself allows you to effectively wield it as a cudgel against any speech one doesn’t like. It’s generally laughably dumb in cases like this, but abuse of it by the government to put down dissenters isn’t so fun, so to cheer lead for this kind of bullshit application is less than ideal.



Some are claiming this isn’t about fandom shit, yet even people directly involved don’t deny that the catalyst stemmed from a fandom incident.

Whatever you feel about this, it was definitely about fandom fuckery, and most of it is hilariously oversensitive bullshit.


As far as the EXO stan that is staging a protest at COEX Artium because SME won’t sue everybody that says shitty things about the group and their stans, well that is a thing that is apparently happening.


On 12/16 from 2 PM-4 PM I am planning on demonstrating against SME. The place will be determined and details are in the photo below. Everything will be done by the law. If you want to help the address is [email protected]. #SM_Sue


I have made some corrections and am posting this again. ^^; I have just finished the protest paperwork. This is the form I received. I have consulted with the officer in charge and he said it was fine to upload since it is paperwork that I had completed. See you all at Artium on 12/16 at 2 PM!

So basically they want SME to use their power and go on a lawsuit rampage. They seriously got mad enough online about K-pop shit that they arranged to protest SME in person so they will sue people. Amazing.

Seriously, people can wax on and on about the seriousness of these offenses and the need to protect oppar and/or unnir, but this kind of shit only happens in K-pop specifically because of how the law itself is open to be abused.


Thing is, it seems like SME may end up listening to them in the end.


K-pop, serious business.



Look, the bottom line is that the law firm SME hired will have to sift through a mountain of overdramatic stan bullshit to get to the handful of actionable cases just for the sake of those people getting a fine and/or an apology. Hooray. Totally worth how it’s used elsewhere to limit speech.

And thanks to the handful of people telling me this is actually wonderful, and I know you only care about defending your faves, but I simply think everything about it stinks on a societal level.



Sorry, I’m never gonna agree that these types of laws are the correct way to go.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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