Jang Moonbok & Sung Hyunwoo drop surprisingly polished & smooth, “Don’t Be Scared”

Regardless of whether the release was amazing or shit, I was always going to cover a release by the duo of Jang Moonbok and Sung Hyunwoo. Still, based on what they presented on “Don’t Be Scared“, I likely would’ve ended up covering it anyway.

Obviously they aren’t reinventing the wheel here in terms of music, but it’s rather shocking the long way both have come to dropping something legitimate like “Don’t Be Scared”. Both guys bring quality to the table, which was necessary since the instrumental itself is rather bare bones. It’s not the direction I would’ve thought they could go in all honesty, but they acquitted themselves well because this could easily pass as one of those chill-out tracks on a hip-hop album.

This release has kinda made me think this duo should be an official thing as well. I know they’re besties and all that, but that didn’t mean they’d have musical chemistry, but this pair seems to work surprisingly well. The track excels when they play off each other, and they both bring different elements to the table. The end result is a song that’s easy to repeat because of how pleasant and smooth it is, and I’m thrilled to be able to talk about this release with sincerity.



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