Dreamcatcher abandon sinking ‘MIXNINE’ ship to focus on other activities

Other than the strugglefest that are its ratings in Korea, it says a lot about its relevance internationally that ‘MIXNINE‘ eliminated 71 of 170 contestants yesterday and I still can’t find an accurate list of exactly who’s gone. For a while that mystery involved Dreamcatcher, because they were too popular in voting to be eliminated on merit but were also confusingly being treated as if they weren’t on the show anymore.

Well today Happyface Entertainment cleared up their status when they revealed that they were abandoning the sinking ship … uh, to do other shit.

“Dream Catcher’s JiU, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami have decided to leave the show amicably after negotiations with the ‘Mix Nine’ staff. Currently, Dream Catcher is practicing for the Brazil show of their 1st world tour ‘Fly High’. This is something that was already discussed before their apperance on the show, and because of this, they unavoidably cannot be on ‘Mix Nine’ for their dorming and competition. Happy Face Entertainment and the ‘Mix Nine’ staff worked hard until now to try to match Dream Catcher’s free time from overseas schedules and being on the program. However, we could not harm the other contestants and the staff because of Dream Catcher and have unfortunately decided to leave the show. We believed that if they continued to be on the show, it would not be fair to the other contestants on the program. The ‘Mix Nine’ contestants, including Dream Catcher, are working hard and passionately every single day to put on a good show for the fans. Dream Catcher leaving the show is to respect these fellow trainees, and we ask you to understand that it was a decision that was not easy to make. Also, we ask you to show more love to the ‘Mix Nine’ trainees that are working hard even now to put on a good stage. Dream Catcher will go back to being viewers and support ‘Mix Nine’ that they sweated and cried with. Happy Face Entertainment will also be supporting ‘Mix Nine’ harder than anyone. We also bow our heads in gratitude to those who have shown interest for the Dream Catcher member JiU, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami during ‘Mix Nine’. Happy Face Entertainment and Dream Catcher will do our best to give back to your love. Thank you all once again.”

As Happyface alluded to, Dreamcatcher already missed a ‘MIXNINE’ filming due to their activities in Brazil. So instead of figuring out how they would reintegrate after that, they just decided to ditch the mess (or this was agreed upon before, who knows). The hints that this would happen were certainly there, especially recently when Dreamcatcher announced a tour of Europe at the start of 2018 when hypothetically up to four members would’ve been preparing to debut in the ‘MIXNINE’ group that comes out of the show.

Honestly, the decision makes sense. Dreamcatcher went on this show for notoriety more than to win it, but that’s out the window due to the irrelevance of the program (and they weren’t being highlighted much anyway), so there was hardly a point for them anymore.

I’m betting there’s nobody happier about this than Siyeon.


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