M-Flo is coming back with LISA, which reunites the original tripod, and now everything is good

Legendary hip-pop group M-Flo has announced that original member LISA would be reuniting with Verbal and Taku Takahashi to re-form their original tripod.

The trio come back with a new song ready to go in “Never” (featuring EXILE‘s Iwata Takanori), which will be used as the ending theme song for the movie, ‘Kyonen No Fuyu, Kimi To Wakare‘.


Back in 2002, LISA left the group for a solo singing career, which ironically led to M-Flo’s biggest pop successes with the ‘M-Flo Loves’ era albums ‘Astromantic‘, ‘Beat Space Nine‘, and ‘Cosmicolor‘, and it’s probably not a coincidence that’s around the last time I really enjoyed following J-pop closely.

If you were into music from Asia back then, don’t pretend you don’t remember. If you weren’t, I’m sorry.

Of course, it was their early work as a trio that set them apart and created the template for many.

My body is ready.


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