TAHITI’s Miso accuses ex-member Jisoo of lying about reasons for leaving group, but both sides could be understandable

Miso of TAHITI has accused former group member Jisoo of lying about her health being the reason for leaving the group.


About a week ago, Jisoo announced on Instagram that she was leaving TAHITI.

Hi everyone. It’s been so long. How have you been? I’d like to say that I’m sorry and thankful, to all of my fans who have been worried about me. For the past few months, I’ve been through difficult times that I don’t want to experience ever again. I did not want to talk to anyone, and I spent most of my time on my own. My family and my close friends suffered, too. Meanwhile, my values and perspectives have changed a lot. I am very sorry to tell you that I will not be able to stand as a member of Tahiti anymore. The past 6 years were the most unforgettable time of my life thanks to all of my fans. I am truly thankful for the love you gave me. I’m still under treatment, doing exercise, and trying to keep being positive. I am so sorry for coming back too late.. Hope you spend the rest of the year with joy and happiness!

Back in March, Jisoo missed TAHITI activities due to health issues, which were reportedly panic disorder and depression. So that’s likely the treatment Jisoo is referring to, and it’s also being alluded to as the primary reason behind her leave.

However, Miso recently posted a message of her own on Instagram, calling out Jisoo for going AWOL and accusing her of only using panic disorder and depression as excuses to get out of the group.

“Only a few days before our scheduled Japanese concert, you suddenly became unreachable without a warning. You wouldn’t take anyone’s calls and though we had no idea what was going on, we gave up sleep to change our choreography to fit four people till the day we flew out in order to keep our promise with our fans. For months, we had no way of hearing any detailed news about you. No matter how much we tried calling first, the only response we’d get is that you’d return someday and for us to wait a little longer. You even left our group chat without a single explanation. Our agency foolishly told us that even though things were hard for us, we should stick it out a little longer because you were sick and hospitalized. They said you were hospitalized but we keep hearing so many stories of people seeing you out and about. How are we supposed to respond to this? Should we have just trusted you and waited for you because you were one a member of our group, someone we trusted? If you really wanted to leave TAHITI and leave this company, you should have just paid the penalty for breaching your contract and left. You dare use the term ‘panic disorder’ after spending years by the side of someone who can’t go a day without medication because her depression and panic disorder cause her to hyperventilate? Your time [as a member of TAHITI] was horrible? Your fake lies are more horrible. I just feel so bad for the people, our innocent fans, who comfort you without knowing what’s going on that I feel the need to apologize to them. We [TAHITI members] and our agency family, we were all sticking together because of loyalty, and we never dreamed that you had planned this all from the very beginning … and we trusted you … Just a few days ago, we were fools waiting for Jisoo to return to TAHITI. The one social media post she made and the reporters are the people who made ‘Jisoo leave TAHITI’ a reality. Do you finally understand who the people in pain really are, and who should really be the ones being comforted?”

Uh … wow. So that’s a proper call-out right there without any ambiguity about her thoughts on Jisoo and the situation.

But you know, I could possibly see both sides being right in different ways. Jisoo’s depression and panic disorder is why she may have went AWOL to begin with, as it can easily manifest itself in not wanting to interact with people and cutting off commitments, especially if you feel like you’d let people down. Being out and about as one recovers from those issues doesn’t mean they’re lying about it either, it’s just part of the recovery process. On the other hand, what you do while working through your issues doesn’t excuse your actions, so Miso would have a right to be pissed about how things went down given how they appear. After all, to her Jisoo just cut them off, then their company told them she was sick, but the only news they got about her is people telling them Jisoo is out and about, hence the pissed reaction.

Of course, that scenario assumes what both sides are saying is true. And I’d like to see if Jisoo replies to this at all with a clarification or something, because I could understand both sides if Jisoo is really going through what she is while Miso and the other members got told what they did. I really hope Jisoo’s not bullshitting, because using mental illness to get out of a contract you didn’t like truly would be some snake shit.


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