Final appeal against the false charges acquittal of a Yoochun alleged victim denied by court

Back in July, Yoochun‘s second alleged sexual assault victim was acquitted on charges of defamation and false claims. Then in September, an infamous appeal of that ruling was shut down as well, probably due to the argument being “it’s not possible for rape to occur in a small bathroom”. Still, there was one final appeal made, but that was recently denied as well.

Seoul’s High Court found the accuser, Ms. Song, not guilty of defamation of character and making false charges this past September, and though Yoochun’s side filed an appeal, the court denied the request on December 22. This ends an 18-month legal battle against Ms. Song, who was found not guilty of defamation of character in her previous two trials.

Thus ends the legal battle that started way back in June of 2016 and gave us a whole lot of questions to think about but not many answers.


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