MOMOLAND’s energetic, addictive “Bboom Bboom” deserves to be a hit

MOMOLAND have returned with a Shinsadong Tiger song in tow, looking to continue working their way up the girl group ladder with “Bboom Bboom“.

The acoustic guitar strums to start the song lasts just seconds so it seems weird to say that I was drawn in just by that, but it’s recycled from literally the greatest song of all time in “Nyam Nyam Jjop Jjop” by Hyerin and Junghwa of EXID, thus it was a good indication this was going to be the shit. Much like in that song, the instrumental quickly transitions to something a lot different, and the listener is inundated with a pulsating, driving beat that serves as an energetic foundation to build on.

The verses get the song moving forward at a brisk pace and the ad-libs keep things engaging throughout. The pre-chorus then introduces rapid-fire percussion that builds and builds, and thankfully there’s a payoff at the end. The chorus is definitely the highlight, as it adds an addictive refrain along with working “bboom bboom” in as a hook, and also ends by injecting a brass synth into the instrumental. My suspicion is that the trap breakdown will be a point a contention, but I was actually okay with it because it was utilized as a way to give the listener a break from the constant assault of the beat more than anything else.

If Shinsadong Tiger ever lost his magic like some people say, then it appears he’s gotten it back with “Bboom Bboom”. I like this now, and I think it’ll hold up over the long haul as well. It’s fresh, upbeat, and catchy, which never goes out of style, and the addition of the brass elements help it standout to my ear. Who knows if this will be the song to shoot MOMOLAND to further recognition, but it deserves to.

Most importantly, JooE is in her rightful place in the center.



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