MBK wants to keep T-ara’s name, and Hyomin dating rumors (denied) totally coincidentally leak

Before the contracts of Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Qri expired with MBK Entertainment, the company filed a trademark for the T-ara brand.

Based on the findings on the website of Korean Intellectual Property Office – the patent office and intellectual property office of South Korea – MBK Entertainment applied for the trademark of T-ara on December 28, 2017. If the application is accepted, T-ara will be a trademark of MBK Entertainment, meaning the members will not be able to promote with the group name T-ara or perform T-ara’s songs outside of MBK Entertainment.

Ah, it’s suddenly clear why MBK clarified that T-ara was not disbanded.

If granted, that would put T-ara in a situation similar to that of BEAST, who had to change their name to HIGHLIGHT due to Cube Entertainment owning the BEAST trademark.


In other, totally absolutely surely unrelated news, Hyomin was recently involved with dating rumors that MBK responded awful quickly to considering she’s not a part of their company anymore.

According to reports, T-ara’s Hyomin has been in a relationship with the head of a media group since the second half of 2017. Multiple sources claimed that the two had met by chance late last year and gotten close very quickly. They added that the two care about each other very deeply, and the parents of both individuals are aware of their relationship. The reports also stated that the couple has also been cautiously opening up about their relationship to those around them. Her former agency MBK Entertainment was asked about the situation, to which they replied, “She is no longer signed on with our agency and this is a personal matter, so we know nothing about the matter.”

This was later denied by a source close to Hyomin (probably her since she doesn’t have an agency).

Someone allegedly close to Hyomin has stated to a news outlet, “Hyomin and A met for the first time at a wine gathering. There are people from many different industries involved in the gathering, including from media groups.” They added, “Hyomin and A’s relationship is just that of two members of a gathering sharing their worries and candidly interacting. They are not dating.” The source went on to deny any truth behind the reports that Hyomin and the media group head are planning marriage or that their parents are aware of a relationship between them.

Oh man, what a coincidence that a female idol’s dating rumor came out immediately after the contract with her company ended and she served as the spokesman for her group.


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