Hyomin writes letter that reveals T-ara is free, MBK says the group is not disbanded

Hyomin took to Instagram recently to note that T-ara has indeed been freed from MBK Entertainment, and reassured fans not to worry about the members.

“I’m greeting you after a long time. Are you well? We have separated with the company that has managed us for 10 years. But please don’t worry. I can’t tell you the details yet but the members can still be together, anytime, anywhere. The members are all taking personal time off time enjoying life while thinking about how to keep seeing our fans. As a member (myself), I plan to keep on meeting you. From nobody to someone who receives so much love, we took the love for granted, and went through a difficult time while knowing it would be hard for us to receive any more love, but we began again. We learned a lot from the difficult times and we feel grateful. Although we are anticipating a new beginning, separating with the company that has been managing us for 10 years is like breaking up with a lover and you’re about to find a new love, and that makes you feel scared and cautious. Also, to our fans, this isn’t the end. In the 10 years you have been supporting us non-stop, we are sincerely thankful for that. All of you have worked really hard! We will greet you soon with good news so please don’t worry too much while waiting for it. I wish for all your new year wishes to come true, happy new year!”

I’m guessing Hyomin was purposefully vague about the future for one reason or another, but even MBK is saying the group has not disbanded.

Following Hyomin’s post on T-ara’s leave from the label on Instagram, MBK Entertainment stated on January 3, “T-ara’s Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, and Jiyeon did not re-sign their contracts with us.” When asked if this mean T-ara have disbanded, the label stated, “It’s not a disbandment.”

T-ara have been dropping hints about a reunion as six members since the contracts of Soyeon and Boram expired, so ideally that would happen now. But the main thing is that they seem content at the moment.


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