Banana Culture refute COINCIDENTALLY TIMED report that Wang Sicong gave T-ara sports cars & bought them from MBK

Yesterday, Section TV reported that Wang Sicong of Banana Culture gifted T-ara sports cars and essentially bought them from MBK Entertainment. The plain-as-day insinuation of the report is that Wang Sicong is essentially acting as T-ara’s sponsor. Well, the T-ara members didn’t seem so happy about that, so they asked Wang Sicong and Banana Culture to respond themselves.

Banana Culture quickly released a statement affirming that the reports were bullshit.


T-ara then took to Instagram to post their own message about the report.

“Hello. This is T-ara’s Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. We don’t have a company to act on our behalf, so after contemplating and gathering courage, we decided to inform you here. Regarding the articles reporting that the members received supercars and 9 billion won, we personally contacted Wang Sicong (Banana Culture) through Weibo and received a formal response that the reports are false and totally groundless. We hope that the agency and all of the employees who worked hard with us since our debut will not be negatively affected by this groundless rumor. The four members’ official position is that we hope we can continue to greet you with the name ‘T-ara’ and hope all of this can be peacefully resolved. Thank you for reading.”

Man, what coincidental timing that reports like this, rumors about Hyomin dating, and having the T-ara name trademarked are popping up days after their contracts with MBK expired. Sheesh!


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