Kim Kwang Soo wants T-ara’s name cause they didn’t kowtow to him like SG Wannabe & Davichi did

After it was revealed that T-ara would be fighting MBK Entertainment‘s trademark on ‘T-ara’, Kim Kwang Soo gave an interview to TV Report and basically admitted that he’s being a petty fuck.

President Kim Kwang Soo, who is responsible for creating the group T-ara and selecting its members in 2009, said, “I am not greedy about T-ara’s name. I do not have plans to select new members under the name T-ara. However, I do want to protect the name. Shouldn’t I have the right to possess the traces of all the efforts and the struggles our company went through to make T-ara’s name known to the public?”

Kim Kwang Soo continued in his interview, “I decided on the name T-ara, then chose the members, then shaped the group. It all started with that name. It is not something that the four members (Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Qri) can just possess all to themselves. It belongs to the company, as well as to all who worked for that name.”

So he’s trying to say it’s the company’s brand and that’s important to them, basically. That narrative would hold up better if he was about that with SG Wannabe and Davichi, but clearly that didn’t apply to them, so what’s the difference?

The president remarked on this latest case’s comparisons to former MBK Entertainment groups SG Wannabe and Davichi, “In SG Wannabe and Davichi’s cases, I allowed them to use the name even when they left the company. The members personally asked to use the names outside of the company, very politely. I allowed it. T-ara could have turned out that way. But a select few members expressed their greed for it and showed contrasting behavior on the outside from their true intentions. I was upset since we worked together for 10 years.”

Basically, T-ara refused to kiss the ring, whatever that might’ve entailed. Knowing his shady-ass past, probably anything but complete subservience did it. Thus, he’s doing this now just to be a dick, I guess.

If there was any doubt Kim Kwang Soo was pulling the strings on this or the bullshit mediaplay parade, there shouldn’t be anymore.


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