‘MIXNINE’ announces male and female finalist groups & winning group

MIXNINE‘ has finally wrapped up, and the show revealed the male and female finalist groups of nine, as well as the winning group.

1. Woo Jin Young (Happyface Entertainment)
2. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
3. Lee Ru Bin (Liveworks Company)
4. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
5. Choi Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)
6. Song Han Gyeom (Staro Entertainment)
7. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
8. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)
9. Lee Byoung Gon (YG Entertainment)

1. Shin Ryu Jin (JYP Entertainment)
2. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
3. Park Soo Min (IME Korea)
4. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
5. Nam Yu Jin (Bace Camp Entertainment)
6. Choi Moon Hee (Maroo Entertainment)
7. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
8. Jang Hyo Gyeong (Star Empire Entertainment)
9. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)

Hooray for CocoSori‘s Sori and PLAYBACK‘s Hayoung.

The group that won was a true shocker! … No, the male group won.


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