Monsta X fan says KPOPKNIGHT gave fans the group’s hotel info + concert was a mess

Yesterday, a concert with Monsta X, Se7en, Tahiti, and 7 O’Clock was put on in London at Wembley Arena by KPOPKNIGHT. The venue holds about 13,000 people, which was a problem because only 700 tickets were sold and reports were that as low as 300 people showed up.

The weird part is that this wasn’t all due to a lack of interest, as many people didn’t even know the event was going on.

So the event was just a mess, but that’s not all that newsworthy since K-pop events are frequently a mess. What was noteworthy, however, was the event organizers giving out Monsta X’s hotel information to fans and invading their privacy, presumably out of desperation to sell tickets.

So not only was the concert by all accounts an absolute disaster, but the organizers themselves were disgustingly unethical. Great.



Additionally, MONSTA X’s transportation crashed into a pole.


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