[Review] DAY6 manage to find their energy again in Japan for “If (We Meet Again)”

DAY6 had an incredibly prolific 2017, releasing two songs a month that were then compiled into a pair of full-length albums. However, this demanding schedule seemed to be taking its toll by the end of the year. Their music began to lose some of its edge, transforming into a ballad-heavy brand of OST-friendly rock.

The group’s intense work ethic continues into 2018 with the release of their first Japanese single. And thankfully, the explosive “If (We Meet Again)” reignites the energy with which DAY6 kicked off their monthly promotions last January.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and “If (We Meet Again)” does a nice job distilling most facets of the group’s sound into an easily digestible burst of radio-ready rock. The song’s verses have a moody drive that quickly blooms into a beautiful, falsetto-kissed pre-chorus. I’ve effusively praised this group’s diverse roster of vocal tones in the past, and they’re an incredible asset once again here. A song this straightforward has the potential to grow dull when delivered by only one performer, but the constant switching of vocalists gives it a dynamic appeal.

The mammoth chorus doesn’t reinvent the wheel, offering the kind of sing-along explosion familiar to anyone who regularly listens to modern rock. But DAY6 perform the hell out of it. Sungjin, in particular, has an absolutely fantastic voice for this kind of track. His gravelly tone opens the chorus with a ton of power. The warped keyboard and guitar that echoes Wonpil’s lines is also a nice touch. If it felt like I was being extra hard on the band’s past few releases, it’s just because they’ve shown us what they’re capable of at their best. This may not be the very highest pinnacle in their discography, but it’s convincing evidence that they’re back on the right track.

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