Kim Hyun Joong’s ex sentenced to just a fine, judge says texts weren’t manipulated

While the prosecution requested Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex go to jail for 16 months, in the end the judge sentenced her to just a fine over charges of attempted fraud and defamation.

On February 8, the head judge presiding over the charges of attempted fraud and defamation through publications against Ms. Choi and sentenced her to paying a fine of 5 million won (approximately $4,600). Previously, Kim Hyun Joong filed a lawsuit against her regarding compensation for damages due to manipulating parts of the messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong and making false statements. The head judge said that while it is true that Ms. Choi deleted parts of her text messages with Kim Hyun Joong, there is no proof that she edited, added, or forged any parts. The head judge also mentioned that when looking at the recovered text messages, there were no parts that were particularly disadvantageous for Ms. Choi and that no distorted parts could be found. Thus, the judge ruled that it was difficult to conclude that Ms. Choi manipulated evidence. However, Ms. Choi was found guilty of making a false statement when she said that she had been pregnant and Kim Hyun Joong forced her to have an abortion in October 2014 as Ms. Choi admitted that this part of her statement was false herself.

Good lord, so after all this shit it turns out all she did was delete text messages that didn’t change the context of what he said and lie about being forced to have an abortion by him.

Somehow though, his delusional fans have convinced themselves that this means everything people are hating on him for was fabricated or something. It’s truly amazing.


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