2PM’s Jun. K caught drunk driving, him and JYPE both release apologies

Jun. K of 2PM was recently caught drunk driving by police at a checkpoint and admitted to the crime.

Reports revealed that he was found having a blood alcohol content level of 0.074 percent which is enough to have one’s license suspended. He was driving alone at the time. A source from Gangnam Police Station said that Jun.K did not resist the police who were checking on potential drunk drivers and his manager came to pick up his car later.

Both JYP Entertainment and Jun. K released apologies.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We sincerely apologize about our artist Kim Min Jun (Jun.K)’s drunk driving. Kim Min Jun himself is deeply regretful and reflecting. Moving forward, all of his activities will be halted and we will respect the intentions of our overseas partners and companies we have contracts with. Our company regular educates our celebrities about how to prevent drunk driving and we have an appointed designated driver service that we have been using since 2014. Also, the company pays for the costs of using the designated driver service in full. Nevertheless, we realize our responsibility in this occurring and we will improve upon and consider more effective preventative measures. Once again we deeply apologize.”

“This is Min Jun. First, I am very sorry that I must write to everyone like this because of this matter. My spur-of-the-moment decision was foolish. I will look back, deeply repent, and reflect on myself, who made such a mistake even though I know how extremely wrong it is to drink and drive. I am sincerely sorry to have disappointed all the fans who loved and believed in me, and my members.”

So I guess that keeps up the group tradition started by Nichkhun, though at least Jun. K didn’t truck-stick a motorcyclist.


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