Asian Junkie cited in article about fandoms gifting idols crazy shit, real journalism only

In an article on Racked about K-pop stars being gifted wild shit by their fans, Asian Junkie is cited because you only get the best quality fuklen journalismz from dis hear cite.

As IATFB, founder of the satirical K-pop news and commentary site Asian Junkie, reflected in a post on EXO’s gifted Rolexes, “Nobody is forcing fans” to give lavish gifts, “but the idols know damn well that crazy teens will do whatever it takes because they’re delusional.” But, IATFB explains, “That’s essentially the whole pop business model to begin with, so if the fans are dumb/dedicated enough to gift them cars and shit, so be it.”


Seriously though, while I think it’s worth calling out this kind of shit just to warn likely tweens away from being scammed out of their money, living and learning is realistically the only thing that’s likely gonna stop them.


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