James (former Royal Pirates) starts a Kickstarter for an album release and music video

Former Royal Pirates member James is continuing his recovery from his horrific and tragic wrist injury, and he’s now begun a Kickstarter project to help fund his ‘The Light‘ album and a music video for a song from it.

If nothing else, James cited Asian Junkie in his video, so now we are obligated to support him.

I suspect given the amount of people who were sending me e-mails about this, most of my readers have already contributed. However, for those who haven’t or were unaware of his story, this is something I definitely feel is worth chipping in for.

I’ve always kept up with his story on this site, mainly because of how terrible and unfortunate it was, but also because there was always a sense of injustice associated with it. Fortunately, many apparently feel the same way about supporting him as I do, so he reached his goal with a month left to spare before my lazy ass even got around to writing about it.

Anyway, if you’d like to participate, check out the Kickstarter project for further details.


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