[Review] “Gorgeous” is the better of VAV’s title tracks thanks to its lively energy

Double title tracks are not particularly common in K-pop, and even less so when it comes to artists from small agencies. Despite this, boy group VAV have released two music videos in support of their recently released mini album. Lead single “Spotlight has seemed to garner the lion’s share of promotional attention, with its big budget video and music show performances. And that’s a shame, because follow-up “Gorgeous” is a much stronger song.

Both tracks were co-composed/produced by Ryan Jhun, but “Gorgeous” carries the same funk-pop style that made hits like My First And Last and Juliette such 2017 standouts. “Gorgeous” is not quite as strong as either of those tracks, but its upbeat energy and lively instrumental prove to be perfect matches for VAV. Opening with a police siren, the track quickly launches into its agile, rhythm guitar fueled beat. Like so many K-pop groups before them, the guys opt for a Michael Jackson-style delivery during the verses, complete with familiar vocal tics that (thankfully) never devolve into pure parody.

As strong as these verses are, “Gorgeous” truly shines when its effervescent chorus slams in. Additional instrumentation brings an undeniable groove to this hook, acting as a suitable climax that feels fresh each time it repeats. This sense of funk continues into the brassy bridge, which provides an effective breakdown without ever resorting to trap or EDM cliches. I don’t think VAV have yet to find the signature sound that sets them apart from the glut of boy groups on the market, but “Gorgeous” is their strongest punch yet.


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