VIXX’s N just wants fans to not stalk him while he’s visiting ill family at the hospital

N of VIXX took to Twitter recently to basically plead with fans to at least stop stalking him in the hospital when he’s visiting sick family.

Perhaps the worst part about reading it is he felt the need to state that he understood fans following him is part of being a celebrity, but just wanted them to stop for this one thing.

“I am uploading this after giving it much thought. I am well aware that the unavoidable reality of my profession is having aspects of myself, whether I want them to be seen or not, be revealed. However, please do not follow me all the way to the hospital like yesterday and today. Before I am a celebrity, I am [someone who is] just naturally fulfilling his duty as a son. I sincerely ask this of you.”

The duty he mentioned is apparently looking after his sick mother in the hospital.

According to VIXX fans, or Starlights, sasaeng fans went after N at a hospital, then even shared the location of the hospital with others, causing fangirls to clutter the hospital area where N was staying. Some sasaeng fans went as far as to uploading footage online of N watching over his ill mother’s bedside.

In all the fandom craziness, I do always trick myself into thinking that maybe fandoms and/or sasaengs would have limits and could should decency in common sense situations like this. I know I do this because although I should expect this by now, I still read shit like this and am amazed in a way.


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