Baekhyun accidentally gives fans a wrong number while outing a sasaeng, makes apology

After getting frustrated with a sasaeng that kept calling him over and over while he was doing a singing session on Instagram live with Chen and Xiumin, Baekhyun of EXO decided to take out his frustration and read off the number to the fans watching.

Understandable, honestly. Baekhyun’s thought process was surely that he’ll give the sasaeng a taste of their own medicine by giving his fandom their number to see how they like feeling harassed for just one day. I get it.

The problem was that in his frustration or whatever the case, he read off two different numbers.

From the video, at 5:04 he reads off the number 010-5183-**** and at 10:05 he reads off the number 5319-****. The first number is not the sasaeng’s number, the second one is. Predictably, both numbers got huge amounts of hate due to the fandom thinking they were both sasaengs. Now I’d have no problem with fans going after the sasaeng, but one definitely has to feel for the innocent party in all this.

International EXO fans are hilariously going around vehemently denying he made a mistake, but he definitely did, even if it was just an error likely in the heat of the moment. It’s an odd thing for the fans to go to the mat over because Korean EXO fans are trying to spread awareness to not harass the first number as well.

That is the reason Baekhyun later apologized, but only to the incorrect number he gave out.

“Please do not call this number, 010-5183-xxxx. It is unrelated to sasaengs as I saw the sasaeng‘s incoming phone number incorrectly and said a wrong number. Please do not call; it is not a sasaeng‘s phone number. I am saying this after confirming it. I strongly ask this of you. Absolutely please do not ever call that unrelated person. I ask that you make no contact of any kind. I wish there will be no more people negatively affected by my mistake any longer.” He added, “Also, please do not call me as well.”

It was definitely an accident, but it was also one that was definitely worth apologizing over, as I can only imagine what that random person has had to endure of late. I couldn’t care less about the sasaeng, but knowing the size of the EXO fandom, I’d definitely think it would be worth it to be double checking the number before trying to expose a sasaeng.


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