Lee Joon has panic disorder, agency CEO refutes reports of suicide attempt by posting his wrists

Lee Joon made headlines yesterday when a Seoul Shinmun report alleged that Lee Joon had made a suicide attempt while in the military.

Seoul Shinmun released a report alleging that Lee Joon had spoken to a superior officer and shown them his wrist, informing them that he had tried to commit suicide. He was then reportedly taken to the army’s “Green Camp” program, an educational program for soldiers who are having a difficult time adjusting to military life.

Prain TPC, Lee Joon’s agency, refuted that report in a statement that cites his family.

Prain TPC released an official statement denying the allegations and stated, “The reports that Lee Joon showed a superior officer his wrist and said that he had attempted to commit suicide, or that he is currently in the ‘Green Camp’ program, are completely false. We have confirmed that these reports are untrue through Lee Joon’s family.” They also stated, “Lee Joon’s family is very shocked by the original reports that were published, and we ask that media outlets refrain from covering the reports out of respect for Lee Joon and his family.”

In case that wasn’t enough, the agency visited Lee Joon to confirm things themselves.

The agency revealed that they visited his base on February 13 and once again confirmed that the reports are all false. “Lee Joon has not self-harmed his wrist or entered the ‘Green Camp’ program.”

What the agency did reveal, however, was that Lee Joon was suffering from panic disorder.

The statement continues, “As a result of these false reports, we felt the need to share Lee Joon’s exact situation. It has not been revealed before, but Lee Joon has had panic disorder symptoms during his acting career. It was difficult around the time that he enlisted, but he voluntarily enlisted due to his strong personal will to overcome it. With that mindset, he worked to overcome his disorder with a positive manner, receiving a certificate of excellence for completing basic military training in first place.” “However, despite his will, the symptoms recently worsened, and through the active support of his army base, he is carrying out both treatment and his military duties.” Prain TPC explains, “It is not appropriate to reveal personal matters, especially the illness of a soldier on duty, but we are sharing this to please request for false news to not be reported anymore. It is also a response for fans who were shocked by the rumors and wanted to know about Lee Joon’s exact situation.” “As you may be aware, mental disorders can be worsened by the media and public. Lee Joon was very hurt by the false reports, and his doctor said that it could affect his treatment.” “Lee Joon is currently working hard to fulfill all his duties as a soldier. We request that reports related to this matter will be refrained from being published after today so that Lee Joon can recover well and so that his family and fans will not longer be hurt. If necessary, we plan on taking appropriate legal action on the false reports and additional reports and comments in the future that can harm Lee Joon’s military life and recovery.” “Thank you for worrying. We hope you have a good [Lunar New Year] holiday,” the statement concludes.

As if to put the nail in the coffin of the report, Yeo Jun Young (the founder and CEO of Prain Global) shared a picture of Lee Joon’s wrist on his Instagram.

While I’m all for dunking on journalist spewing bullshit, especially something as serious as talking about suicide, it’s honestly just a shame that they felt they had to go to these lengths. I understand why they did it since people talk and gossip, but it just sucks for Lee Joon to be dealing with panic disorder while in the military and then have this get revealed cause of one shitty report.


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