Seohyun gets call from Moon Jae In after preventing nuclear apocalypse (basically)

Seohyun of SNSD recently received a phone call from South Korean President Moon Jae In after she helped prevent nuclear apocalypse an international incident with North Korea by agreeing to perform at a special concert put on by the Samjiyon Band (North Korean classical music ensemble) for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

It’s reported that during the call with Seohyun, president Moon Jae In expressed his gratitude to Seohyun about her performance. He said, “The sight of the South and North holding hands and performing touched the whole world.” Seohyun replied, “I was happy to be able to take part in the historic moment.”

During the concert, she performed “Our Wish“, a song that yearns for a unified Korea. ~1500 people were in attendance, including Moon Jae In and Kim Yo Jong (the sister of Kim Jong Un).

As mentioned, everything went down on short notice, as it was a last-minute request.

On February 12, a source representing Seohyun stated that she joined the performance at a last-minute request from the Blue House on the day of the concert. The source explained, “It’s not something she prepared for in advance, but she joined the performance after she received the sudden request. The Blue House requested her appearance, without saying much else other than, ‘We really hope you would attend.’ They requested two songs. Seohyun learned one of the songs the day of and performed. As it was a sudden decision, Seohyun did not even have time to rehearse.”

It’s happening.

I’m convinced she’s gonna get into politics eventually, even though that might not be the best thing for humanity when the robots come for us.


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