Comment Of The Day: If you disagree with my taste in music, you are embarrassing & killing K-pop!

People sending me Stan Twitter drama is typical, usually because they want me to side with them. It can get annoying sometimes, but sometimes I also get useful stuff from it all and I generally appreciate people trying to make me aware of what’s going on.

Recently though, the influx of tips revolves around one Twitter user trying to be the sole arbiter of what’s good and bad in music. If you disagree with them, so the logic goes, you’re what’s embarrassing and killing K-pop.

Now, I know you all are expecting me to rip into them like I usually do to stans, but no. You don’t own me. Quite the opposite is the case actually, as I greatly respect them, because it mirrors my glorious disclaimer for this here site.

Man, disclaimers are great since they are completely final.

Still, of course, the reality of the situation is that it is I who is the sole arbiter of everything good and bad in K-pop, music, and basically the entire world. However, in this case, because the Twitter user only became so enraged after heathens said they didn’t think Crayon Pop‘s “Bing Bing” was the greatest K-pop song of all time — an opinion that mirrors mine and is thus absolutely correct — their impassioned rant is 100% justified and anybody giving them shit for it deserves to be arrested, jailed, and put to work in a labor camp.

You see, K-pop is basically war and it disgusts me to see people not respect the troops.

Way’s Girls and I thank the Twitter user for their service.


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