ROMEO’s Milo allegedly invites underage fan to stay with him at a hotel

Milo of ROMEO, who was most recently seen on ‘MIXNINE‘, has seen a lot of his fansites close recently. This is primarily due to a Dispatch report that he invited an underage fan to stay with him at a hotel next time he visits Japan alone.

The evidence is KakaoTalk texts showing that Milo directly reached out to a fan privately, after which the fan posted the exchanges on social media.


Fan: I can’t trust you.
Milo: *Sends Photos*

Milo: Haneda airport.
Fan: Hmm … around an hour? My house is far so I’ve been staying at a hotel.
Milo: Next time I go to Japan alone, let’s stay at a hotel together.

Fan: You’re much cuter.
Milo: A little cute and pretty and sometimes sexy. You’re mine.

Fan: From now on, even if I don’t purposely pay money, we can meet up later at night so it’s awesome. I’ve wanted to hug you and now I can. It’s not a dream, right?


One thing I noticed is that the pictures he allegedly sent her indeed looks similar to the ones that were uploaded to ROMEO’s official Twitter. But if you compare the background, you can see they are clearly different, which would seem to indicate he took a bunch at that time and sent her unseen pictures.

So, uh … yikes.

ROMEO’s company has yet to comment on this.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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