Don Malik booted from record label, issues apology for sexually harassing high school student fan

Yesterday, tweets popped up accusing rapping Don Malik of sexually harassing a high school student.

“The CEO says he’s a feminist but the label’s rapper called a high school student to meet up and sexually harrassed her, trying to get with her somehow[.] [S]h*t, ‘feminist rapper’ my ass, he’s a d*mn chauvinist Korean man, just die[!] [G]uys if you know who it is don’t listen to his music”

“Guys, this is my friend’s real story[.] [A] chauvinist Korean rapper who pretended to be a feminist sexually harrassed a high school girl even though she said ‘no’, he tried to get with her somehow and kept pestering her, really;; sh*t, the moment I heard about it I was so dumbfounded[!] [F]*ck, don’t invite that assh*le to feminist concerts and don’t listen to his music”

Jerry.K, the CEO of Daze Alive, responded hours later by booting Don Malik after conducting some kind of internal investigation.

“Hello, this is Jerry.k, Jinil Kim, the CEO of Daze Alive. Yesterday (February 20) at 10PM I saw a tweet that accused Don Malik, member of Daze Alive, of sexual harrassment. After looking into the incident, I have come to the following decision. Without giving any excuses, Don Malik is herewith excluded from being a member of Daze Alive. Even though a label cannot be aware of its artist’s entire private life, I feel responsible for not having managed my label’s artist closely and for thinking that we shared a certain belief. My deepest apologies to the victim. I apologize to everyone who trusted the name ‘Daze Alive’. I will give it a lot of thought so that an incident like this will not repeat itself. February 21, 2018 Jerry.k, Jinil Kim, CEO of Daze Alive”

Don Malik himself then released a tweet admitting to sexual harassment.

“Hello. This is Don Malik. Last year, some time in December, I met up with a fan. I admit that I harrassed the fan, abusing my position as the artist the fan admired. My sincerest apologies to the victim. I will repent and become a better person, being cautious of my actions to not cause any incident like this again, big or small. I am sorry.”

Really sounds like he deserves legal ramifications since he admits to sexually harassing what I can only assume is a minor.



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