Tao wins in Chinese court over SM Entertainment again

Tao has prevailed over SM Entertainment yet again in Chinese court in their dispute over whether Tao violated his contract with SME.

SM Entertainment had accused Tao of violating his exclusive contract with SM when he produced an album together with a Chinese agency. According to Chinese news outlets on February 23, the 2nd Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing ruled against the plaintiff SM Entertainment, as they had in the first trial. The court stated, “The exclusive contract rights that SM is claiming are not part of the civil rights defined by the Tort Liability Law of the People’s Republic of China.” In the first trial, the justice department had also ruled that Tao’s release of an album did not appear to infringe on any rights, such as SM’s exclusive contract rights.

Sort of expected after the initial results of this case in China, though he did lose in Korea and had his appeal denied.

Of course, as long as those results continue, Tao isn’t likely to be impacted as all and thus likely won’t give a shit.


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