STELLAR is reportedly disbanding, which was always coming after Gayoung & Jeonyul left

In light of everything that has gone on with STELLAR recently, including yesterday’s article on their last fanmeeting, it should come as no surprise that the group is reportedly disbanding.

The girls debuted in 2011, but Yiseul and Joa left the group in 2012. Minhee and Hyoeun joined to take the place. Soyoung joined the group in May 2017. However, in August 2017, Gayoung and Jeonyul left the group after their contract with the label expired. Minhee and Hyoeun’s contracts have also expired with the label, and they have decided not to renew. Because all the girls (except Soyoung) have left the label, the group will repotedly be disbanding.

Honestly, it was a rather remarkable run. For a group like STELLAR from a company like The Entertainment Pascal to hang on for seven years, which is as long as much more successful groups than them, it’s an accomplishment.


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