iKON’s Junhoe comforts troubled fan by pointing out it’s okay to not be fine all the time

Recently a fan left a comment about having a hard time on the Instagram account of iKON member Junhoe, and he replied with what I think was a useful and realistic outlook on dealing with shit.

fan: Nowadays, I’m feeling so exhausted, I cry a lot more and I’m having a hard time. Oppas gave me strength again today, thank you. I can always count of oppas to give me strength during hard times, I love you

Junhoe: Please don’t be sad. Sometimes, it’s okay not to be “fighting” all the time and you can be worn out! You will be able to find things to learn from during those times too… There are no experience that can harm you, let all experience pass and go, you’ll be able to gather something helpful and beautiful. I’m infinitely grateful to be able to cheer whoever we can… I’ll work hard on being a singer than can cheer on other people, thank you for your nice words. You can feel tired, but be happy 😉

In light of the discussions about how mental health is treated in Korea, I think it’s important that attitudes like this become more common. Sometimes things will just absolutely fucking suck, and putting on a brave face isn’t always the solution if one doesn’t deal with underlying feelings. As we’ve unfortunately seen recently, even doctors will ignorantly tell those suffering from mental health issues to basically just suck it up, so seeing this empathetic and reasonable advice from an idol is hopeful for the direction of future generations more than anything.

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