After multiple denials, Oh Dal Su admits to sexual assault & sexual harassment after Uhm Ji Young told her story

After Oh Dal Su finally released a response in the form of a denial to the accusations of sexual assault, I wasn’t sure if anything would happen to him going forward. Well, things changed fast.

Following his denial, JTBC‘s ‘Newsroom‘ showed an interview with the victim that was filmed before his denial, where she explined that she was sexually assaulted and sexually harassed.

“A” stated, “I didn’t just experience sexual harassment then, but also sexual assault.” “A” described how Oh Dal Soo had been her senior in the theater industry when she took part in a play with him. “He said, ‘Let’s talk for a bit,’ and I had followed him. It was the biggest mistake of my life,” she said. She stated that Oh Dal Soo had then taken her to a motel, where he sexually assaulted her. “I didn’t even have time to resist,” she said. “I screamed. He didn’t even bat an eyelid. He just had that calm expression.” “A” described how she had blamed herself for going with him, and thought that she was worthless. She also said that the sexual harassment that she had written about in her comments online had occurred after the sexual assault. Her initial accusations of sexual harassment had included a description of how Oh Dal Soo had put his hand inside her shorts and groped her. When she had commented online to share her story, she thought it would be a way for her to feel better. However, her comments were shared in the news and people swore at her, leading her to erase her comments because she was scared. “A” also said that she has been told by colleagues, “He seems like that kind of person sexually,” and also, “That happened to me too.” She shared that she’s seen a psychologist because of the mental pain she’s suffered after the assault.

The victim also commented on Oh Dal Su’s extended period of silence.

“A” said in her interview, “Staying quiet is alright, but I hope that he will not say things like ‘Nothing like that happened.’”

Well that’s exactly what he did, and Star Village Entertainment doubled down on that after the interview was broadcast, even threatening legal action.

Oh Dal Soo’s agency Star Village Entertainment responded to the “Newsroom” interview following its broadcast on February 26. A source from the agency said, “A statement was released this morning about the rumors, in which it was stated that they are groundless following much checking of the facts and consideration.” They said that there will be no change to their statement. “The ‘Newsroom’ report is entirely untrue, and we will be open to the potential for legal action including for false accusations, and will consider various steps,” they stated.

After seeing the struggles of this victim, theater actress Uhm Ji Young decided to put a name to the accusations, and she too went on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’ to tell her story of being sexually harassed by Oh Dal Su.

During her interview, Uhm Ji Young mentioned the previous accusations and said, “I thought Oh Dal Soo would apologize. But instead of an apology, he acted as if the incident never happened because it was an anonymous report. I couldn’t forgive him for that.” Uhm Ji Young went into detail about being sexually harassed by Oh Dal Soo and answered questions related to the incident. She began, “In early 2000, I met Oh Dal Soo in Busan with people from my theater group. In 2003, when there was an audition in Seoul, I asked him for advice. He said he was embarrassed because his face was well-known and said we should go somewhere, which was a motel. He said he was divorced and didn’t have a home, and that this was where he was staying.” She continued, “When I hesitated, he said, ‘I feel weird because you’re acting like that,’ and I eventually followed him in and was sexually harassed. He said that we should speak comfortably and that we should wash up since it was hot. He put his hands on my body to take my clothes off. He kept doing that in the bathroom too and I ran away and was able to avoid the incident escalating further.” She added, “At first, I saw the post [with the original sexual harassment accusations] and thought, ‘I can speak up too’ and waited. But she deleted her post after being attacked in a witch hunt. I thought that if I also didn’t reveal my name, it would be treated as if it never happened.” She said, “I was amazed that even on my way here, I saw that he said, ‘Let’s talk face to face.’ So I thought, ‘Yes. Let’s talk face to face,’ and came here.” Uhm Ji Young currently teaches students who are preparing to become actors. She said, “I didn’t want these kids to also get sexually harassed on set like me after working hard and going to the Department of Theater and Film.” About why she stayed silent all these years, she explained, “It wasn’t an atmosphere where I could say that kind of thing. When that incident happened, I asked, ‘Why are you doing this?’ The reaction was, ‘I did that because I adored you as a junior. If you think of it that way, then I become a weird person.’ If I continued to refuse, then he would curse during practice and it was that kind of atmosphere.” She continued, “At that time, there weren’t many stages and there weren’t many performances for us to be on stage. Under those kinds of circumstances, directors, seniors, and juniors would say things like, ‘She’s rude so don’t use her.’ I had to keep working in plays so I couldn’t say anything.” When asked if there other victims who have been harassed by Oh Dal Soo, Uhm Ji Young replied, “I haven’t heard names, but while working with people from the Yeonheedan theater company, I heard a lot of things. I definitely think there are more…” She then began to tear up. She added, “I feel sorry and awful that there are more [victims], but more people should come forward. Then we can stop Oh Dal Soo from saying that there is no proof and that it never happened.” Uhm Ji Young added, “What would be the reason that I, an actress, would expose my name and say that I suffered from this kind of incident?”

Honestly, amazing. Unsurprisingly, both victims who have come forward said that there are other victims besides them.

And they are definitely victims, because despite the multiple explicit denials of wrongdoing, Oh Dal Su has now apologized, with specific mentions of the anonymous victim and Uhm Ji Young.

“This is Oh Dal Soo. The series of events that happened recently are all my fault. I am genuinely sorry for troubling so many people. I bow my head in apology to those I’ve hurt in the past and present. It is all my fault, and I am the one to blame. I went through a difficult time in the last few days. In the midst of all the criticism I had received for giving a delayed statement, I truthfully could not recall a clear memory of the people who have been hurt. I was scared that people would question why I couldn’t remember anything, but it was honestly how I felt. I am deeply repenting over this. After reading the comments and media reports, I tried to recall my memory again by asking my acquaintances from that time. However, it’s true that the information from the interview is a bit different from my memories. I wanted to confirm [the facts] and talk to her face to face. I felt so frustrated. I will bear with all the criticism I faced for not expressing my feelings earlier and just insisting that the [sexual harassment] never happened. I’m sorry. To [the anonymous woman] ‘A,’ if you are the person I’m thinking of, you were a very shy and kind person with a strong sense of identity. Because you were very skilled at writing, I suggested that you write a play or novel. I am already a trapped animal with my arms and legs cut off. But I will endure it all. I am aware that in this world, fame and luck come and go quickly. 25 years ago, I thought I had feelings of romance. I sincerely apologize for the pain I’ve caused at whatever point. I feel heavily guilty that [the victims] had to go through life with all this pain. I know it’s hard now, but I hope your wounds will eventually heal. And if there is a specific way that ‘A’ wants to handle this, I am willing to follow her wishes. To actress Uhm Ji Young, I am deeply sorry that as a teacher to young students, you had to come out on TV because of me. Whatever I say will sound like an excuse and no one will believe me, but my heart really aches. I will accept all the stern rebukes. [Uhm Ji Young], please ease your heart and stay healthy. I will reflect and look back on the life I’ve lived so far. I will live with a remorseful heart. And lastly, I will not avoid the consequences of my actions. I am also sorry to those who have gotten hurt a second and third time because of me. I have hurt the people who have given me so much undeserved support. I am sorry once again.”

All you guys who pointed out to me that his initial statement of denial was sketchy because he had to think about whether he committed these crimes read it exactly correct. Also, his apology comes off like a bizarre pity party for himself at times, but whatever, he’s admitted it.

Honestly man, it’s crazy that he’s probably just gonna go into reflection for this. Like what he did were heinous crimes of abuse, not some kind of attitude controversy.


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