On the day of the closing ceremony, when all are required by law to kowtow at the altar of nationalism, EXID‘s Hyerin and her iljin crew went to a lounge together and ate string cheese! People have been saying how they declined attending the ceremonies because it was for the entertainment of mere peasants, but when fans saw that she was eating string cheese with friends, they said EXID pretended to have schedules when they actually weren’t doing anything, what the hell?

Is it not true that since they had time during the day of the closing ceremony that they had the time to prepare for it? Please don’t say anything senseless, just take a look at LE and Hyerin eating string cheese.

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ㅇㅇ | 2018.02.28 00:12 | (+81409810481) (-14214234141)
You can’t believe we’re ridiculing her because she ate string cheese, but Dreamcatcher had hella beans the night before and still performed despite explosive farts!

ㅇㅇ | 2018.02.28 00:04 | (+2523510481) (-25662342)
Do you think singers attend the ceremonies because they have no other schedule? What is this bullshit? I need a blunt.

ㅇㅇ | 2018.02.27 23:49 | (+81409810481) (-14214234141)
Why are we dissing someone eating string cheese? LOL! LULZ! LMAO! ROFL! ROFLMAO! You guys were the ones laughing at Jang Moonbok for going because he had no schedules, but now your unnir is the one caught eating string cheese, isn’t it funny?


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