[Update] Drummer Nam Goong Yeon now faces accusation of sexual assault as well as sexual harassment

Yesterday, Nam Goong Yeon strongly denied accusations of sexual harassment and went as far as threatening legal action. Today, he faces another sexual harassment allegation that the accuser says became sexual assault.

Woman ‘B’ similarly said it happened at his studio (which is in his house) while she was recording in the early 2000s. She said, “There was sexual harassment, and after multiple instances of that, he sexually assaulted me. Even while he was doing that, he kept telling me that he was ‘healing’ my actions.” ‘B’ claimed she got an apology 8 years later. She said, “I asked him if he knew how hurt I had been from a pain that I would never be able to wash away, and if he knew how bitter life was for me. He said he knew, and that he would forever be sorry.” However, ‘B’ decided to make her accusations public when she heard that someone else had gone through the same thing.

I guess that was sadly predictable, huh? Wonder what his response will be, especially if he feels like more might come forward.


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