Unnamed idol that debuted in early 2010s accused of sexual assault, company denies

An unnamed idol that debuted back in the early 2010s, had his talent recognized on a music program, and hails from Busan has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2012, as well as doing something similar to another woman.

According to her, the idol member is from the same hometown she is (Busan), is a vocalist who had his talents acknowledged on a music program, and debuted in the early 2010’s. She went to Sports Seoul to tell her story. According to her, she had gone traveling to Seoul in August, 2012 with 3 friends. She had known idol ‘A’ for a while since high school, and were good noona-dongsaeng friends. When she uploaded a photo on her SNS of her in Seoul, ‘A’ asked to meet up with her and his 4 friends, who were currently drinking. ‘A’ had also seen his friends before their debut, so she thought it was no problem to go see them. When it got late and she tried to go home, ‘A’ said, “Are you leaving already? I came all the way here and paid over 20,000 KRW (about 19 USD) to come here. It’ll cost me 50,000 KRW round trip (about 47 USD). Can I stay where you guys are and take the subway in the morning?” Because ‘A’ had a girlfriend at the time whom he had been dating for a while, and they had hung out many times before, she thought there was no problem, especially since there were other girls she was staying with. However, that night, she woke up when she felt someone moving, waking up to find her and his lower clothes gone. She said ‘A’ raped her while he was still drunk. Her friends were sleeping next to her, so she tried to wake up one of them by pinching her, but it didn’t work. She pinched the other girl next to her, who saw what happened, but she was also too shocked to do anything. She recalled trying to struggle to get ‘A’ to stop. She said, “We were so young, and I thought something like this only happened on TV. He was a close dongsaeng, so I was too embarrassed and ashamed to do anything. Actually experiencing it made me so scared and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to just bury it, but it’s the most shameful day in my life that I can never forget.” However, the situation worsened afterward. After ‘A’ raped her, he lied to his friends, claiming that the two had intercourse in a separate room without alcohol involved. She heard from other friends that ‘A’ done something similar to another girl, ‘C’. Her friend told her that in a separate event, ‘A’ forced ‘C’ to come to a motel with her, then sexually assaulted ‘C’. The woman said, “When I heard what happened [to ‘C’], I kept remembering what happened to me, and it tormented me. The things that I tried to forget came back to me not as truth, but as rumors, so it made it worse. I tried to argue with him after learning those rumors were going around, but I couldn’t bring it up because it made me so ashamed to have to bring it up myself and I was scared.”

Recently, the accuser gained courage through the ongoing Me Too movement to send a message to the idol, and he apologized in the ensuing conversation.

Woman: Whenever I turn on the TV lately, I see celebrities who did the same thing you did. I keep thinking of what happened and can’t sleep at night because of what happened, but of course you’re doing fine. I tried to forget that day for years, but every night after that, I kept thinking of it and couldn’t sleep at night. This #MeToo movement makes me think of it more so it’s driving me even crazier. I have to say something to you at least like this, so I’m sending this. I worry to myself all the time, and when I’m worrying, I remember what happened and I can’t eat because I lose my appetite. But you’re fine and that makes me even angrier, and what your friends say keep coming to me and every time I heard it, I was so flustered and I wanted to argue with you. But I’m currently dating [redacted] and [redacted] also has feelings, so I buried it and dealt with it by crying to myself. You didn’t know about that. You probably thought I was stupid because I wasn’t saying anything. I don’t know what you were thinking that you talked about me like that. But I live here in Busan, and it’s everything to me. And you’ve spread those weird, completely false lies and said it like you were proud. I don’t know why I have to be tormented because of you. I don’t know why I have to clean up the mess you made and I have to clarify the things that never happened. That day, when I was sleeping with four of my friends after hanging out, you did it to me yourself. You told one of your friends that I went into your room when I wasn’t drunk, and told other friends that you were with my friends, and then came out to get another room to have sex with me while I wasn’t drunk, and more. Everyone has a different story. Why are you making up those stories? The thing that you did without any thinking, the thing that you did that you’re boasting about, has been hurting me for years. You live in Seoul, so maybe you don’t know, but it makes me angrier that you’re acting like it’s not your problem. Why do your friends that I don’t know think of me as a whore? Why do I have to become a whore to people that I don’t even know, because of something that didn’t even happen? Don’t try to excuse yourself like you tried to back then. That’s not why I’m sending you this KakaoTalk message. If you have any kind of decent thinking, look back on yourself. Your friends said they heard it directly from you, so you should be responsible.

‘A’: Before I say anything, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry and I regret that the things I said got big and got twisted, and separate from that, I’m sorry so many people are hurt. You say I’m doing fine, but I’m also worried and I have a heavy heart. I know it’s not as much as you, but I also want to say I’m not doing that well either. Becuase of that, I lost a lot of friends. More than anything, I lost a good noona, and I lost a friend that was precious to me. I want to tell you that I haven’t forgotten. It would be a lie to say it’s every day, but I think of it often and I’m regretting it and feel sorry for what I did. I think to myself that I shouldn’t be light with my words, and have understood that rumors are scary. I met [redacted] recently and I talked about what happened. I’m regretting what happened and I feel sorry. I hope you’re happy with [redacted] and do well. Sorry.

Woman: The way I see it, you’re just trying to make excuses for your future. If you regretted it and felt sorry, you could have apologized to me before you said those things, and you could have told them that it wasn’t actually true. But since you didn’t, it means you didn’t actually feel that way. You’re just saying ridiculous excuses like that you were sorry and you lost people close to you because I’m bringing it up now. They all look like excuses. To be honest, I don’t think I can see you do well, so I don’t know what I will do. I don’t want to hear about that day anymore and I don’t want to think about it anymore, but that’s not something I control. And I have been tormented more than you can imagine, and I’ve cried a lot.

‘A’: You’re right … as time passes, I have more regrets about the past that I didn’t see before. I can only say I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Still, the accuser wanted to reveal the truth, saying that she would feel like a fool if she didn’t.

She said, “I have nothing to gain from this revelation. But I hope he now knows how much I’ve suffered in the past six years. I learned that I just become a fool if I do nothing, and I wanted to reveal the truth through the #MeToo Movement.”

The hints don’t lead to a concrete identity for the idol, nor have netizens arrived at any kind of consensus. However, journalists appear to know who it is, as the company of the idol has already denied the accusation.

We’ll see how this shakes out.


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