EXID to make another comeback in April, which will be another comeback without Solji

The good news? EXID are making a comeback sometime in April. The really fucking bad no good disastrous tragic news? Solji won’t be apart of this comeback either.

On March 13, various sources in the industry stated that EXID was currently working towards a comeback sometime in the beginning of April. A source from the group’s agency Banana Culture confirmed that EXID would be returning in April as well as stated that Solji will not be joining this comeback. They explained, “Solji is currently recovering after orbital decompression surgery. As she still needs a little more time to fully recover, the other four members will be promoting without Solji.” Solji has been on hiatus from activities since December 2016, when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

I want to remain hopeful, but it’s not exactly easy to do so at this point.


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