Winning group from YG’s ‘MIXNINE’ reportedly has no plans or schedules, which is truly amazing

Maybe at the end of the road, the winning group from ‘MIXNINE‘ will go on to be an amazing success and all this hand-wringing will be silly, but if the latest reports are to be believed, it sure seems like concerns about how they would be handled by YG when he can barely even give his own artists comebacks are coming to fruition (1/2).

There are increasingly growing concerns that MIXNINE Boys Winning Team will not debut. Multiple officials say YG has not given a schedule or any other information to them, such as a debut song or group name. They say he’s too focused on his own groups.

The officials say that YG is working on comeback schedules for his own artists, which is why MIXNINE isn’t getting one. They say YG tells them they’re preparing for debut, but in reality, nothing is prepared.

It’s like he’s actively trying to troll fans of groups under YG Entertainment or something, BLACKPINK (and Lee Hi, really) fans in particular.

And seriously, if the ‘MIXNINE’ group doesn’t debut, that’ll be … I mean, just amazing, really.


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