FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon thinks it would be nice if AOA’s Seolhyun showed how to whiten her dark skin

Choi Jonghoon of FT Island, who hasn’t commented on a different scandal he was allegedly named in, decided that hanging over him just wasn’t enough at a recent press conference for the second season of ‘The Beauty‘ where he made a bit of a mess for himself. When asked about a celebrity he’d like to bring on the show, he named Seolhyun of AOA because then she could whiten her dark skin for everybody (1/2).

On a celebrity he wanted to bring on to ‘The Beauty 2’, he picked Seolhyun and said, “She has slightly dark skin. I think it’d be nice to show her skin brightening through a whitening process.”

When asked who he would like to invite to the beauty show, he replied, “Seolhyun has a slightly darker skintone and I think it’d be nice if she showed how to whiten her skin through a skincare regime.”

Since fans were claiming the usual translation error, there’s translations from two different sources as well as Koreans reacting.

Choi Junghoon policing Seolhyun’s skin is shitty regardless, but even ignoring that aspect of things, it seems rather stupid to suggest changing the image that made her into a CF queen to begin with.


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