Contestants from ‘The Unit’ got paid, while ‘MIXNINE’ contestants have not, according to report

In what comes off as mediaplay for ‘The Unit‘, but primarily works because of the contrast between what’s happening with the winning groups of ‘The Unit’ (name, social media, performances, fanmeetings, variety, teasers, debut date) and the winning group of ‘MIXNINE‘ (nothing), it’s being reported that all contestants that participated in ‘The Unit’ have been paid while nobody from ‘MIXNINE’ has received payment.

On March 15, several industry sources confirmed that the KBS idol rebooting show has completed payment to everyone who participated in the show’s first 12 episodes. Payment for the remaining two episodes of “The Unit” will be settled in the future.

“The Unit” had a total of 126 participants. As with similar survival programs, there were costs involved such as accommodation, hair and make-up, and stylists. This made many people curious about whether the contestants were being paid for their appearance on the show. A source has said, “Payments have been made to all the participants. ‘Passion pay’ cannot be compensation for the contestants’ earnestness.” The term “passion pay” is used in Korea to describe cases where employers give workers (particularly youth) no pay or less than the minimum wage, often while claiming to be providing them with valuable experience instead.

Following this news about payments for contestants of “The Unit,” industry sources have said that contestants of “MIXNINE” have still not received any payment.

One industry source stated, “Contestants on ‘MIXNINE’ included people who already had television experience as well as those who haven’t debuted.” They continued, “I can’t understand why they can’t receive payment for their television appearance because there is no mention of it in the contract.”

This is one of those reports where I don’t have complete faith that it’s accurate but would absolutely not be surprised if it is.


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