WANNA ONE scandal clarifications emerge, but at least Kang Daniel poop jokes are still good to go

WANNA ONE are embroiled in a rather massive controversy that started earlier today that revolves around a broadcast that went live before it was supposed to. It was admittedly rather messy, but for the most part what transpired was just entertaining to reasonable people who didn’t get their hearts broken because they invested their souls into the innocence and purity of a boy group. Well, now a clarification article that aims to clean up a bit of mess for WANNA ONE has emerged, but also takes away most of the fun.

There were 3 parts that were fabricated/misunderstood:
1. 미리 익혀야겠다(I need to memorize it first/I need to familiarize with it first) became 미리 욕 해야겠다 (I need to swear first)
2. 메디테이션 (Meditation) became 마스터베이션 (Masturbation)
3. 됐다 해/대답해라 (Alright/Answer) was also misinterpreted and falsely spread (t/n: alluding to the “hand job” comment)
As for the parts where they said “Why can’t we get paid” “Why can’t we sleep”, while they were said carelessly, they are parodies of Kim Haeun’s rap on High School Rapper 2 that recently became a trending topic, they were just joking around. It wasn’t anything severe.

Assuming this reporter is not just running a glorified press release, which does seem possible since this is awful definitive for something native Korean speakers disagreed on, then a lot of the hilarious stuff WANNA ONE did is out.


There is a silver lining, however, and that is none of the clarifications can possibly argue that Kang Daniel did not grab the mic and say he took a fat shit in the morning. Thus, a potential collab with BgA remains a possibility.

If this clarification ends up being legit, then it will surely help them mitigate at least part of the damage for WANNA ONE, but it definitely won’t help them with me since I would prefer if the original stuff was real.

As it turns out, the only one left that I can trust after this mess is Kang Daniel and his dumps, which I will appreciate and remember forever. So Daniel … thank you.


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