This Is So Stupid: Lee Hyun leads to an across the board financial boom for Big Hit Entertainment in 2017

Big Hit Entertainment‘s official financial reports were released recently, and after the breakout success of Lee Hyun, the company unsurprisingly showed gigantic growth in 2017.

According to official financial reports released on March 22, the agency’s total revenue in 2017 soared to an impressive 92.4 billion won (approximately $86.9 million), marking a 162 percent increase from 2016. BigHit Entertainment also recorded operating profits of 32.5 billion won (approximately $30.4 million) and net profits of 24.6 billion won (approximately $23.1 million) in 2017, enjoying respective increases of 214 percent and 173 percent from the year before. Additionally, the agency’s assets increased by 221 percent to 61.2 billion won (approximately $57.5 million), while its capital rose 160 percent to 40.5 billion won (approximately $38.1 million).

Wow, amazing!

Lee Hyun went from 8Eight to Homme to now single-handedly carrying a company to relevance. I mean, it has to be him since Big Hit don’t have anybody else relevant on their roster.


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