YG reportedly proposed 3-year contract to ‘MIXNINE’ group, which labels understandably balked at

As a part of his promise to finally get the ball rolling with the winning group of ‘MIXNINE‘, YG has now met with the agencies of the idols and reportedly proposed a three-year contract. There would be a yearly album release for the group and they would promote for six months of the year, while the rest of the six months they would be free to promote with their own group.

Thing is, YG had previously been reported to have reduced the ‘MIXNINE’ group promotion period from seven months to four months due to the show’s lack of popularity … and now because of that lack of popularity YG now says he needs them for three years. Some agencies balked at that proposal, thinking that three years was too long, which is quite understandable.

While the agencies didn’t say it, I’m sure they were wondering just how they could believe he would even give them three comebacks in three years when his own artists suffer from constant delays and it took him two months since the end of the show just to meet with them to discuss the future of the ‘MIXNINE’ group.


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