Honey Popcorn’s dance version of “Bibidi Babidi Boo”, as well as MV making-of

While I’m having a nice relaxing start to the weekend, I figure the least I could do was post about the dance version of Honey Popcorn‘s “Bibidi Babidi Boo“…

…and also the making-of for the music video.

While people continue to whine about them, a lot of it is amusing, cause the only reason this is happening is because Mikami Yua wanted it to.

Mikami Yua, who used her own finances to produce this album, revealed, “I wanted to do this because I have a dream I really would like to fulfill. There may be various opinions, but I was able to do this because I have a dream that I want to fulfill no matter what.”

This makes sense logically as well, because as a financial venture I can’t imagine they could ever dream of coming out ahead.


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