‘Lesbian Chinese billionaires’ Mei Qi & Xuan Yi of WJSN are on China’s ‘Produce 101’

Mei Qi & Xuan Yi of WJSN, the famed lesbian billionaires, were for whatever reason reported a week ago to be doing charity work on the Chinese version of ‘Produce 101’ as contestants even as group member Cheng Xiao is a mentor on ‘Idol Producer‘.

It was recently reported that WJSN’s Xuan Yi and Mei Qi will compete as trainees in the official Chinese version of “Produce 101,” and a source from their agency confirmed the news. Although they will be on the program, Xuan Yi and Mei Qi will still be able to continue with WJSN activities, as well.

Some wouldn’t believe it until they saw it and … well, now we can see it.


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