Netizens understandably upset with SME regarding Joy not going to North Korea concerts

Almost two weeks ago, it was announced that Red Velvet would be a part of the group to perform at concerts in North Korea, but a day before that group was scheduled to depart, SM Entertainment revealed that Joy would not be going due to scheduling conflicts.

On March 30, a source from SM Entertainment told news outlet OSEN, “Back when they asked us to perform, we planned on adjusting our schedules in order to have all members of Red Velvet perform.” “The schedule for the concert in Pyongyang, however, isn’t very short. We were informed by the production staff [of ‘Tempted’] that if Joy does not make it to filming, the drama will not be able to air on its normal broadcast schedule. Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend the concert,” said the source.

It’s definitely hard to believe that SME didn’t see this scheduling conflict coming when they committed to the concert, because in what world would Joy’s drama filming not conflict with this? Given that SME idols were the only ones chosen for the events, it sure seems like SME figured this would happen but committed anyway to guarantee the only idols in attendance would be theirs. Announcing Joy’s exclusion the day before they leave makes it too late to change groups, and now they’re trying to minimizing the backlash by making it seem as if they had no choice because otherwise Joy would be betraying the drama or whatever shit.

Netizens weren’t having it either and … I basically agree?

1. [+1,707, -97] How can you pass on an important event you’re representing your country in…;;;; is she not originally a singer?
2. [+1,596, -71] SM should’ve declined the invitation to begin with, they’re too greedy
3. [+1,511, -73] Just send another group, what a nuisance
4. [+181, -7] Honestly, this is really disrespectful… They should’ve declined if they couldn’t send the whole group to give the opportunity to another group… They’re the only girl group representing us at Pyongyang and they can’t even send the whole show? ㅋㅋ SM is not only disrespectful but they suck at their jobs
5. [+164, -6] Is SM joking right now? Do they think Pyongyang is some local concert show? They really had no idea that her schedules overlapped? They obviously waited until the last second to announce this so that the opportunity wouldn’t be passed on to another girl group
6. [+130, -5] Never invite SM to any event for the nation again. They must think these are some college events. How embarrassing to be acting like this when you’re being invited to represent your own nation.
7. [+151, -4] Did you guys know that SM had no problem sending Red Velvet to their Japanese concert on the 28th and 29th but all of a sudden they can’t make time for a national event?
8. [+129, -4] They knew all along that she wouldn’t be able to make it but they’re acting like they didn’t find out until only now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
9. [+119, -7] Let’s just send another group ㅡㅡ
10. [+111, -5] Is there a reason we’re insisting on Red Velvet right now?

1. [+794, -16] SM shouldn’t have accepted from the start
2. [+772, -7] SM must’ve surely known that the film schedule wouldn’t allow room for her if the schedule was that tight so it’s very disrespectful for them to alert everyone with only a day left
3. [+678, -7] Did SM not know that Joy was a drama lead? And also an MC on a variety show and had a Japanese concert schedule too? Obviously SM knew and still confirmed the invite because that’s just how bad they are at their jobs ㅋㅋ this isn’t a national event for them, they just think this is some local concert and are treating it as such without a care for the damage it’s doing to their artist’s image.
4. [+515, -8] SM is the biggest anti ㅋㅋ
5. [+252, -5] Why is SM not mentioning that Joy missed her drama filming for 3 days because of Red Velvet’s Japanese concert ㅎㅎ They’ll pull her out since they can make money off of the Japanese concert but while holding down the Pyongyang seat so no other group can take their opportunity ㅋ

Uh, yeah.

Obviously the minority blaming Joy and/or Red Velvet for this are stupid as fuck — as if either had any choice in the matter when it comes to shit like this — but most seem to be laying the blame at the feet of who deserves it most: SME.


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